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Vaping (3)

Australian mg rating

Australian mg rating

1mg = supreme flavour
2mg = finesse
4mg = fine
6mg = smooth
8mg = rich
8mg menthol = menthol (duh!)
12mg = original
16mg = virginia

What is Vaping?

I have been asked this on a number of occasions, what is vaping? What on earth is that?


Vaping is the process of inhaling flavoured vapour, generally with nicotine. For the most part it is medical grade propylene glycol as well as vegetable glycerine with the addition of food flavourings to give it, well flavor.

For the most part it is used by used by current adult smokers with the intention of reducing or eliminating their cigarette intake. Due to the possible introduction of nicotine, this has been quite effective for some smokers in eliminating traditional cigarettes. There is also a trend of non smokers vaping without nicotine for the pleasure of it. At this point, there are no known adverse health effects to vaping, the positives are, the reduction in the intake of the 4000 off harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes.

The subject in Australia is pretty controversial especially in Western Australia where I am from, where the sale of Vaping implements as well as consumables have been effectively banned by a High Court ruling.

This is due to a warped interpretation of a law banning the sale of "cigarette like devices", in saying that, personal importation of vaping equipment as well as consumables are perfectly legal.

 Due to the relative unknown nature of vaping in Australia, there are still societal prejudices to vaping purely due to the fact that people associate vaping with cigarette smoking. I, in the short time I have been vaping, have been given dirty looks as well as been asked to leave premises for vaping. This is despite there being no laws against vaping indoors in the state of Western Australia.

I have added a few resources about vaping below:


Wikipedia article on vaping.

Article in the Irish Times about Vaping.

Washington Post Article on Vaping.




Is a repository of information about vaping, retailers, calculators as well as my personal opinion about the subject.

You will also find my personal opinion of retailers I have purchased from as well as reviews of my purchases.





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